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So I’m watching these videos posted by some guy claiming that just about every black celebrity is a masonic satanic worshipper. Masons are a fraternity of men that date back along time and then there are free masons which are more of a black frat. There has been record of a lot of high influence individuals being Masons. What a Mason is, has a lot of different views. Some say they are satanic secret society, others say it’s a organization for the better of man. I don’t know. But even the dollar bill has the emblem of the masons (eye of the pyramid) which most if not all presidents are said to be. EVEN BARACK. A brother who told me he was a free mason told me they believed black man is the original god and responsible for the pyramids in Egypt and even the greatest of scholars can’t figure out how these spectacles were created. I want everyone to watch these videos and comment on them. Everyone from Jamie Foxx, Denzel to Nelly to A.I to Russell Simmons are said to be required to have sex with men to be apart of the Masons. But let me know what you think, there isn’t a bunch of concrete evidence but interesting nevertheless.




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Best and worst List of the BET music Awards:

Worst: First I want to say Don CorneliusR.I.P MICHAEL TRIBUTE AT BET AWARDS although a legend in the light exhibiting all the talent of  late greats like the O-jays and the Jackson 5, almost put the whole world to sleep with the pointless stories and rambling, if it were the grammies they would’ve played the music and got his old ass off the stage.

Secondly, Ving Rhames, the show took a turn for the worst wen his washed up, drunk ass got on stage acting like Melvin from Baby Boy. Lmao, nobody followed his directions then yo tried to turn the BET awards to the source awards. ” And the butter is all those other punk ass awards shows”. Alright it was kind of funny but I felt bad how he changed the whole tone of an otherwise great show.

Cash Money had the worst performance of the show, they might as well  let Don Cornelius talk the show out. Drake had the worst stage presence of any up and coming rapper I ever saw, his hands was shaking, I was disappointed. And why was those 10 year old girls on stage while they performing I wish I could fuck every girl in the world… Not a good luck they should’ve thought about that one… whew, watch them boys.

Beyonce should’ve been shaking her ass, but she decided to go Sinatra on us… She could’ve kept that one. AND I WISH T.I DOG FACE BABY MOTHER WOULD NEVER SHOW HER FACE AGAIN.

The Best:

The horrible job of the people editing the live show made it great it felt authentic, What was better than Eddie Levert,-saying “we walk in there people dancing and shit”…. Priceless. Hov, Death to auto tune after T-pain performing, awww man why they do that to shorty. Hov was Hov though, may be he should give Drake some stage tips, you dont have to do much but get off the chair homie (but for my understanding he tore his acl). Travis Barker is nasty on the drums.

The O-jays killed it as did Trey, Tyrese and Johnny Gils tribute to the O-jays, they sounded like they had been singing together for years. Kerri Hilson might’ve had the best performance, she left a lot to the imagination as far as singing goes but the performance was great.

Tyrese and Tayji acting like Baby Boy had me tripping hard, that caught everybody off gaurd. Tayji deserves all the success she getting, she’s a great young actress.

Neyo showed who was the best pure male vocalist of the young generation, and  he was the most involved artist outside of Jamie Fox.

It was great to see Janet, our prayers go out to the Jacksons of course.

There were plenty other great performances, BBD, Maxwell, Neyo and Jamie Fox, Monica and Keisha Cole ect. and the show was the best BET awards I’d ever seen. The plethora of artist from old to new with all the entertaining things in between the performances made it impossible to keep up with your friends status updates on facebook. R.I.P Michael and thanks to all the artist and BET for a great show.

December Starving Artist of the Month: LOW

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m_6d96331b32410de1f6fd6df4ead673fd.jpgHEADLING WITH GUCCI MANE

Low, head man of the Harm City Gunners has qualified as December’s Starving Artist of the Month. Low’s first single Ridin Clean has been a hit every since it’s hit the myspace last year. There will be a Q&A with Low about his up and coming album, his style of music and his influence.



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It has been reported that Chad Butler also known as Pimp C has been found dead in a hollywood hotel this morning. A friend identified the body as Pimp C. At 33 years of age he was apart of the legendary rap duo UGK with Bun B.

Details of the death are unknown but R.I.P and you wont find too many southern rap groups with the influence of UGK. Further info is tba.

Joe Buddens VS. Ransom

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Ransom so much harder than Joe Buddens but Ran definetly taking da L in their recent beef. I just want yall to weight in on da situation cause both dudes are nice but I mess wit Ransom way harder. Listen to all the tracks, it’s about 6 of them… give me your thought’s on whose at the forefront.


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Skeptics stand corrected, Haters are bopping their heads in the privacy of their own homes and Camron’s no where to be found. American Gangster is a project reminiscent of Jiggas Reasonable Doubt days with a blend of his Blue Print days. Jay Z managed to do what nobody else has been able to do… Have everything and rap like he has nothing.

This project has everything you look for from a street artist whose spending all his money on his own promotion and copies of his CD. You can literally let the CD bump from beginning to end. I have heard complaints on only two tracks, 2 (pray) and 6 (Roc boys) but everyone won’t like every song. Is it me or does Jay Z seek out features to the only two artist that he’s been compared to in recent years (Lil Wayne and Nas)? And is it me or does he go out on a extra limb and absolutely Burry Lil Wayne on track 4 entitled (Hello Brooklyn).  Maybe I’m feeding too much into it. The construction of the album is phenomenal and if you are one of those quick judges, listen to 5. no hook, 8. I know, 10. ignorant shit feat.Beans, 11. say hello, 12. Success feat. Nas. It’s no way in hell you won’t appreciate those tracks and if you don’t than you need to dig your head out of your ass.

The first single BLUE MAGIC is a bonus track as is the title track American Gangster, so you have to sit through 13 tracks of straight crack before you get to something familiar. I haven’t heard subject matter and lyrical content this sick and Jay with this much swag since Blue Print. With bars like, I aint no ordinary nigga/ look around this ain’t what ordinary gets ya/ extraordinary figures, im an extraordinary nigga/ and i used to give a shit/ now i couldn’t give a shit more/ truth be told i had more fun when i was piss poor/ I’m pissed off/ is this what success all about/ a bunch of niggas acting like bitches with big mouths…. JEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZ, tell me that ain’t classic Jay- LET DAT BITCH BREATH JAY. HAHAHAHA.

But even through being a fan of Jay as a Hip Hop fan this is a must have. This will be one of those albums that illustrate what the music is all about. One of those classics like Illmatic, Ready to Die, and All Eyez on Me and if not it’ll definitely be honorable mentions. Get this album, Get this album, Get this album, I implore you. If American Gangster not in your rotation right now you missed the boat because JAY DEFINITELY RECLAIMED THE THRONE WITH THIS ONE !!!!!!!


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What do you call hip hop? What has hip hop become? The culture of hip hop is great but some would say the music has taken a turn for the worst and is in a bit of a omnipresent slump. With Jigga in his latter years, who is  to be at the forefront of hip hop? There is nobody who has come to the forefront that can make music for all genres of hip hop and relate to every fan. Everyone caters to a 1 dimensional audience. 2 PAC, Biggie, Nas, and Jay Z are the best for a reason. They had their thumb in the streets, their index finger in socially conscience music, their middle finger in the commercial aspect, their ring finger in the club, and their pinky swirling the mix.

No one has been able to step up to the plate and represent hip hop as a whole. 50 cents not skilled enough to do it, Kanye West not in touch with the streets enough to do it, Lil Wayne not smart enough to do it, T.I on his way to jail, Game to absorbed in frivolous beef and “the blood gimmick” and most of our top selling rappers wouldn’t be able to handle the responsibility or be strong enough to hold up to the number of challengers on deck. Rappers back down to other strong rappers when there’s a discussion on who’s the best, the leader we need would accept nothing less.

So what do we respect more nowadays, lyrical artist or the gimmick filled music. The whole i got shot, I’m a crip, I’m a blood, walk it out, pop lock and drop it, 2 step, superman music or the Blue Magic, I’m black, Why, One Mic, Big Brother etc. Mainstream has definitely took a turn towards the southern movement which I hate to say lacks creativity because it’s creative in it’s own right but the lyrical content is obviously inferior to the east coast artist. I believe artist like T.I, Ludacris, Scarface, Bun B, Weezy are lyrically inclined. Exluding Scarface, I believe their range is limited or they at least limit their range regarding subject matter.

Should we be ashamed of the turn that the music has taken…. NAW, change is always good and hip hop is a cycle that always goes back to the roots. The south, the west coast, the mid west and the east coast will all have a strong hold on the game for a period of time. So if you are a hip hop fan stay open to the different genre’s, indulge in hip hop as a whole, don’t limit yourself, understand before you criticize. Although different the music is still good, you just won’t find a whole bunch of versatility in most artist anywhere.