What do you call hip hop? What has hip hop become? The culture of hip hop is great but some would say the music has taken a turn for the worst and is in a bit of a omnipresent slump. With Jigga in his latter years, who is  to be at the forefront of hip hop? There is nobody who has come to the forefront that can make music for all genres of hip hop and relate to every fan. Everyone caters to a 1 dimensional audience. 2 PAC, Biggie, Nas, and Jay Z are the best for a reason. They had their thumb in the streets, their index finger in socially conscience music, their middle finger in the commercial aspect, their ring finger in the club, and their pinky swirling the mix.

No one has been able to step up to the plate and represent hip hop as a whole. 50 cents not skilled enough to do it, Kanye West not in touch with the streets enough to do it, Lil Wayne not smart enough to do it, T.I on his way to jail, Game to absorbed in frivolous beef and “the blood gimmick” and most of our top selling rappers wouldn’t be able to handle the responsibility or be strong enough to hold up to the number of challengers on deck. Rappers back down to other strong rappers when there’s a discussion on who’s the best, the leader we need would accept nothing less.

So what do we respect more nowadays, lyrical artist or the gimmick filled music. The whole i got shot, I’m a crip, I’m a blood, walk it out, pop lock and drop it, 2 step, superman music or the Blue Magic, I’m black, Why, One Mic, Big Brother etc. Mainstream has definitely took a turn towards the southern movement which I hate to say lacks creativity because it’s creative in it’s own right but the lyrical content is obviously inferior to the east coast artist. I believe artist like T.I, Ludacris, Scarface, Bun B, Weezy are lyrically inclined. Exluding Scarface, I believe their range is limited or they at least limit their range regarding subject matter.

Should we be ashamed of the turn that the music has taken…. NAW, change is always good and hip hop is a cycle that always goes back to the roots. The south, the west coast, the mid west and the east coast will all have a strong hold on the game for a period of time. So if you are a hip hop fan stay open to the different genre’s, indulge in hip hop as a whole, don’t limit yourself, understand before you criticize. Although different the music is still good, you just won’t find a whole bunch of versatility in most artist anywhere.



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