December Starving Artist of the Month: LOW

m_6d96331b32410de1f6fd6df4ead673fd.jpgHEADLING WITH GUCCI MANE

Low, head man of the Harm City Gunners has qualified as December’s Starving Artist of the Month. Low’s first single Ridin Clean has been a hit every since it’s hit the myspace last year. There will be a Q&A with Low about his up and coming album, his style of music and his influence.



3 Responses to “December Starving Artist of the Month: LOW”

  1. bigjohnson69 Says:

    I heard low was a crossdrressing r.n.b singer on tha weekends, which is when he rides clean. Is this true, and if so can I turn his hat back, lol

  2. babygurl2 Says:

    ur hot!!!!

  3. yuo r ugly and u need 2 go shave ur legs cause they r hairy. u need 2 go 2 ur wife or ur mother and let them go pamper u up cause u suck bye bye.

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