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So I’m watching these videos posted by some guy claiming that just about every black celebrity is a masonic satanic worshipper. Masons are a fraternity of men that date back along time and then there are free masons which are more of a black frat. There has been record of a lot of high influence individuals being Masons. What a Mason is, has a lot of different views. Some say they are satanic secret society, others say it’s a organization for the better of man. I don’t know. But even the dollar bill has the emblem of the masons (eye of the pyramid) which most if not all presidents are said to be. EVEN BARACK. A brother who told me he was a free mason told me they believed black man is the original god and responsible for the pyramids in Egypt and even the greatest of scholars can’t figure out how these spectacles were created. I want everyone to watch these videos and comment on them. Everyone from Jamie Foxx, Denzel to Nelly to A.I to Russell Simmons are said to be required to have sex with men to be apart of the Masons. But let me know what you think, there isn’t a bunch of concrete evidence but interesting nevertheless.