So I’m watching these videos posted by some guy claiming that just about every black celebrity is a masonic satanic worshipper. Masons are a fraternity of men that date back along time and then there are free masons which are more of a black frat. There has been record of a lot of high influence individuals being Masons. What a Mason is, has a lot of different views. Some say they are satanic secret society, others say it’s a organization for the better of man. I don’t know. But even the dollar bill has the emblem of the masons (eye of the pyramid) which most if not all presidents are said to be. EVEN BARACK. A brother who told me he was a free mason told me they believed black man is the original god and responsible for the pyramids in Egypt and even the greatest of scholars can’t figure out how these spectacles were created. I want everyone to watch these videos and comment on them. Everyone from Jamie Foxx, Denzel to Nelly to A.I to Russell Simmons are said to be required to have sex with men to be apart of the Masons. But let me know what you think, there isn’t a bunch of concrete evidence but interesting nevertheless.



11 Responses to “MASONS OR NO?”

  1. I’ve been doing research on the masononic symbols and and jay-z’s whole roc empire, from what I and some others believe has some or alot of involvement with the masons.! if you go to you can see many facts that should intrest you about more info on the masons.!

  2. dont really know much about the freemason belief and or theory never been a person to comment on the that i do not know or understand. so its my obligation to do more research before adressing my opinion on topic @ hand.

  3. been a traveling man over 20 years, these are not signs that a mason would do. ask12b1

  4. Basil Mtweve Says:

    i need all symbols of Freemasons and documents sent to me

  5. amatullah Says:

    i believe it, and then there is room for doubt. everyone knows there is something fishy about our government, celebs etc. and its been stinking for a looooooooong time so…never the less Allahs plan is ever prvailing and holds presedence Allahu Akbar!!!!!!!! Death will come suddenly and suddenly it will be clear to them, to us… Subhanallah!!!!! TO ALLAH BELONGS EVERYTHING AND NO MAN CAN CONTROL IT BUT ALLAH.

  6. All of these things u guys are saying bout the organization are things that u all BELIEVE to be true. WhaT do u know? People used to BELIEVE the earth was flat, people used to BELIEVE the universe revolved around earth… again what do u know? All signs point to u not knowing anything….beLIEve if u want to. Some of yalls problem is that ur so curious about it and want to be one but u too scared cuz u worried about something people put on the internet or u BELIEVE everything u see on the idiot box… 2b1ask1…..or sit down and stop gossiping…. ladies.

  7. Freemasonry is everywhere. It’s present in our Politics, News, Film/TV, Advertisements, Fashion, Music & Religion. Jay Z is without a doubt a Freemason. Check out this 15min documentary I made.. built from YouTube clips. I prove Jay Z, Rick Ross, Shaq are masons along with many, many others. I’m not sure why this is even being debated considering the evidence and admissions that exist on camera.

  8. Tommy LR Says:

    It’s true. Yes, they’re the chosen ones…

    One day, the Masons who puppeteer much of the world, decided that they need to adapt and change with the times to be more progressive. They grabbed some talented black entertainers and signed a contract to help carry out their NWO agenda for fame and fortune.

    This isn’t public information because Masons are a secret society and forced them to swear to secrecy or be decapitated along with their entire family and everyone they love. Look what happened to Tupac Shakur when he broke his contract with the “K”Illuminati.

    The Illuminati is the highest level of Masonry and constitutes about 1% of Masons. The rest of the Masons from Apprentice – 32nd degree are basically like soldiers in training, “chosen” for his specific skillset that the Illuminati hopes they can put to use one day… If and when that day comes, you first need to have the 32nd degree and then you will have to “prove yourself”. This can be anything from a political favor to assisting or carrying out an assassination…

    After your final “examination” you are granted the honorary 33d degree, now they’ve got you by the balls and you’re in for life. On the bright side, “the truth” will be revealed to you about all the things the history books either left out or published incorrectly on purpose.

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