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FROM SPITTING BARS TO BEHIND THEMRap icon, king of the south, 2006 Billboard rap artist of the year. All these titles but T.I is also a 7 time felon and he seems to have let T.I.P win the fight he illustrated in his last album (T.I VS T.I.P). I thought rappers wanted to get rich to get out of the hood, to keep from getting locked up or killed. I’m a T.I fan and i know whether you get money or not you want to stay true to your hood but he loading up like he on his way to Iraq. What kind of rap beef require 3 machine guns and 2 pistols with silencers. T.I, you not on the block no more but some dudes have to learn the hard way. Well for now he’ll be addressed as Clifford Harris at his bail hearing on Friday and I guess Bowie State University will have to find another headliner for their homecoming. It’s not looking good for the Atlanta rapper as the transaction was being made by his body guard who was making the purchase from an ATF agent. The unidentified body guard was said to have been trying to purchase the guns without a permit for T.I who can not legally own a gun because of prior felonies. T.I who is now 27 years old has a couple bright spots, if he does beat the charge, his career will definitely catapult even more because controversy and street credibility is the number 1 promotion tool in hip hop. But if he happens to get convicted, rappers are maintaining careers into their late thirties. I hope you beat the charge but who can you blame but yourself and your snitching body guard.