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MY NAME IS HAZ!!!!!!Baltimore Artist Haz is the epitome of a starving artist. Starting his own movement called Hazardous Inc. he knew if he didn’t do for himself that it wouldn’t get done. Scratching and scrambling to get his bread up like true hustlers do, Haz has began taking the Maryland scene by storm. Getting on his grind, he purchased his own studio equipment and set it up in the attic. He taught himself how to engineer the Cubase software and Hazardous Inc. was off and running.

Haz know’s you gotta look a like a star if you want to be a star. This starving artist appears to be eating well, whether he’s throwing a couple hundred dollars in the crowd or flashing his watch and chain you just know he has the showmanship to make it. He dropped his first official project, Black Scully Land and moved most of his units out of a flea market in Baltimore. With witty rhymes and a gritty subject matter of real life in the hood Haz was getting attention all around. He was the Style Wars champion at Baltimore Club 5 seasons, landed a gig opening up for Slick Rick at club Sonar, was the headliner for his own show in College Park, Md. along with many other shows.

His sophomore project, Home of Heroine is nothing short of a master piece. One of the best projects by an independent artist, bar none. The opening track is a proper introduction wit lines like, “Baltimore gotta lotta niggaz  doin dey thing, so who da fuck told Bossman that he was the king/ now i aint hating, I’m just waiting for my chance to show I’m true to dis, been here 4 a while naw homie i aint new 2 dis/truthfully I’m used to dis my music bang and disturb the peace like my name was Ludacris.” He even goes on a limb to tell 92q DJ Hazardous Material who da real Haz is on a dis track. The real Haz called Haz Mat. out at a battle at the 5 seasons after Haz Mat. proclaimed he was the real Hazardous but backed down from a battle for the name. “…cut his dreads off, leave em like puffy wit no lox, dis when da show stop…n put a couple shots in his face like bot-ox…”

The lyrical content is off the meat rack and he can definetly get with the best of them. Most people know about Comp, Mullyman, Skarr Akbar, Tim Trees, Backland, Bossman, Los and the likes of those dudes in Baltimore. But I will stand by this statement none of those artist are capable of making a project as strong as Home Of Heroine. A battle is cool to win but Haz is a ARTIST and hands down has the best album in Baltimore.



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FROM SPITTING BARS TO BEHIND THEMRap icon, king of the south, 2006 Billboard rap artist of the year. All these titles but T.I is also a 7 time felon and he seems to have let T.I.P win the fight he illustrated in his last album (T.I VS T.I.P). I thought rappers wanted to get rich to get out of the hood, to keep from getting locked up or killed. I’m a T.I fan and i know whether you get money or not you want to stay true to your hood but he loading up like he on his way to Iraq. What kind of rap beef require 3 machine guns and 2 pistols with silencers. T.I, you not on the block no more but some dudes have to learn the hard way. Well for now he’ll be addressed as Clifford Harris at his bail hearing on Friday and I guess Bowie State University will have to find another headliner for their homecoming. It’s not looking good for the Atlanta rapper as the transaction was being made by his body guard who was making the purchase from an ATF agent. The unidentified body guard was said to have been trying to purchase the guns without a permit for T.I who can not legally own a gun because of prior felonies. T.I who is now 27 years old has a couple bright spots, if he does beat the charge, his career will definitely catapult even more because controversy and street credibility is the number 1 promotion tool in hip hop. But if he happens to get convicted, rappers are maintaining careers into their late thirties. I hope you beat the charge but who can you blame but yourself and your snitching body guard.