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Best and worst List of the BET music Awards:

Worst: First I want to say Don CorneliusR.I.P MICHAEL TRIBUTE AT BET AWARDS although a legend in the light exhibiting all the talent of  late greats like the O-jays and the Jackson 5, almost put the whole world to sleep with the pointless stories and rambling, if it were the grammies they would’ve played the music and got his old ass off the stage.

Secondly, Ving Rhames, the show took a turn for the worst wen his washed up, drunk ass got on stage acting like Melvin from Baby Boy. Lmao, nobody followed his directions then yo tried to turn the BET awards to the source awards. ” And the butter is all those other punk ass awards shows”. Alright it was kind of funny but I felt bad how he changed the whole tone of an otherwise great show.

Cash Money had the worst performance of the show, they might as well  let Don Cornelius talk the show out. Drake had the worst stage presence of any up and coming rapper I ever saw, his hands was shaking, I was disappointed. And why was those 10 year old girls on stage while they performing I wish I could fuck every girl in the world… Not a good luck they should’ve thought about that one… whew, watch them boys.

Beyonce should’ve been shaking her ass, but she decided to go Sinatra on us… She could’ve kept that one. AND I WISH T.I DOG FACE BABY MOTHER WOULD NEVER SHOW HER FACE AGAIN.

The Best:

The horrible job of the people editing the live show made it great it felt authentic, What was better than Eddie Levert,-saying “we walk in there people dancing and shit”…. Priceless. Hov, Death to auto tune after T-pain performing, awww man why they do that to shorty. Hov was Hov though, may be he should give Drake some stage tips, you dont have to do much but get off the chair homie (but for my understanding he tore his acl). Travis Barker is nasty on the drums.

The O-jays killed it as did Trey, Tyrese and Johnny Gils tribute to the O-jays, they sounded like they had been singing together for years. Kerri Hilson might’ve had the best performance, she left a lot to the imagination as far as singing goes but the performance was great.

Tyrese and Tayji acting like Baby Boy had me tripping hard, that caught everybody off gaurd. Tayji deserves all the success she getting, she’s a great young actress.

Neyo showed who was the best pure male vocalist of the young generation, and  he was the most involved artist outside of Jamie Fox.

It was great to see Janet, our prayers go out to the Jacksons of course.

There were plenty other great performances, BBD, Maxwell, Neyo and Jamie Fox, Monica and Keisha Cole ect. and the show was the best BET awards I’d ever seen. The plethora of artist from old to new with all the entertaining things in between the performances made it impossible to keep up with your friends status updates on facebook. R.I.P Michael and thanks to all the artist and BET for a great show.